ABS Plastic Shutters

ABS  (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic shutters are a superior and more robust shutter to alternative vinyl shutters and can be easily moulded which means that, unlike vinyl shutters, the profiles of the frames are far more refined which gives a higher quality look and finish to the shutter. Indeed, to the naked eye, it’s hard to tell the shutters are made of a plastic material due to the high quality materials used.

Our ABS shutters are 100% water resistant making them perfect for rooms that have high condensation or moisture, they are offered as first choice to customers’ bathrooms.

ABS shutters can be wiped clean easily and is often used in children’s rooms where high levels of cleanliness are required. The hard plastic helps prevent small dents and damage occurring from contact with the shutters which is something that softer woods are not suited to doing.

*Note: Due to the environment these are built for, these are only supplied with stainless steel hinges

abs plastic
Water Resistant
Suitable for high moisture areas
30 Colours to choose from
Stainless steel hardware as standard

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